Planet of the Apps

First published in 2016, this exploration into the intricacies of the digital world with IOU is even more relevant today. We delve into the realm of apps, privacy, and advertising in today’s age, investigating how millions of apps consume our daily lives and often infringe upon our privacy. It’s time to take a stand and redefine our digital existence. Join us on a journey to balance the benefits of technology with the importance of family and privacy, and discover why the Internet of Things is truly the Internet of Us.

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What We Do

In 2016, IOU, Inc. was established as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization by a loving father determined to make the digital world safer and more enjoyable not just for his own family, but for families everywhere.

The acronym IOU reflects the organization’s core principles and commitments. It stands for “Internet of Us,” a testament to our mission to foster trust, accountability, and inclusivity in our online experiences. This name signifies our pledge to enhance digital citizenship by making the internet a space where every user can navigate confidently, securely, and effortlessly. Working for a Safer Digital World for Families!

But IOU has another, more personal meaning for the founder. It represents the phrase “I Owe You.” As a father, he felt a profound responsibility – a debt, if you will – to ensure the safety and well-being of his family in an increasingly interconnected digital world. This duty extended beyond his own household, as he felt compelled to provide the same level of protection and assurance to all families navigating the internet.

Utilizing an array of high-tech and low-tech solutions, IOU, Inc. tirelessly works to make the digital world less intimidating and more accessible. Through our efforts of working for a safer digital world for families, they aim to transform our collective online experience into one marked by ease, confidence, and most importantly, safety.