About IOU, Inc.

Formed in 2016, IOU, Inc. stands as a beacon of digital safety, inclusivity, and responsibility. Our founder, a devoted father and an impassioned visionary, witnessed the escalating need for secure and accessible digital tools. He took it upon himself to shape a safer digital environment, not just for his own family, but for all families worldwide.

The name IOU, an acronym for “Internet of Us,” encapsulates our unyielding commitment to fostering trust, inclusivity, and accountability in the digital realm. We stand at the forefront of digital citizenship, ensuring that each user can confidently traverse the digital landscape securely.

IOU resonates personally with our founder as well, reflecting the phrase “I Owe You.” This sentiment signifies the deep sense of responsibility he felt to guarantee the safety and well-being of his family in the digital world, a responsibility he feels keenly for all families navigating the complex web of online interactions.

At IOU, Inc., we’re committed to demystifying the digital world, making it less intimidating and more accessible to all. By harnessing a diverse array of high-tech and low-tech solutions, we’re determined to sculpt our collective online experience into one defined by ease, confidence, and safety.

But our vision extends beyond merely improving general digital safety. Inspired by the personal journey of watching his mother battle Parkinson’s disease, our founder realized the unique digital hurdles people with neurodegenerative diseases encounter. This has driven IOU, Inc. to tailor specialized services, specifically designed to accommodate and benefit those living with such health conditions.

To amplify our impact and further champion our mission, we established IOUMore, a for-profit subsidiary devoted to the preservation and safekeeping of digital legacies. Although IOUMore operates under a for-profit model, it remains steadfastly rooted in our ethos of social good. A significant part of its profits flow back into IOU, Inc., helping us fund critical services for those in need and ensuring our mission of digital accessibility for all remains at the heart of what we do.

IOUMore is not just a digital platform; it’s a constellation of services with two significant divisions – IOUMore Cloud and IOUMore Media. IOUMore Cloud offers a secure haven for your personal narratives, memories, and experiences, safely storing and preserving your digital legacy for future generations.

IOUMore Media brings a lighter touch, featuring IOUParis and IOUParis2024. These initiatives highlight and celebrate the rich heritage of France, a tribute to the founder’s wife who is proudly French, and their three children who share this heritage. Through IOUParis and IOUParis2024, we aim to celebrate the beauty, culture, and spirit of France and Paris in particular, connecting our users to this vibrant culture in a uniquely digital way.

IOU, Inc. is not merely a non-profit organization – it’s a testament to human resilience, inclusivity, and a steadfast commitment to creating a safer digital world. Inspired by personal experiences, we’re fueled by a relentless determination to make a lasting difference in the digital landscape. We invite you to join us in our mission as we continue to carve out a more inclusive, secure, and culturally rich digital world.

An Open letter to my family on why IOU

tl;dr I owe you a safer world online

Originally written in 2016

To the two wonderful girls and the new son born in December 2015, and my wife who continues to support me in every way,

I have had many jobs in my life and have played many roles. I have not always lived up to my own expectations, and most certainly not up to others’ expectations. However, I do know that the most important role I have, and will continue to have until I am gone, is to be the best father to the three of you kids and the husband you deserve.

Certainly, I will make mistakes, but I hope that most of those mistakes will be made either out of passion for you or out of ignorance, which I can learn from. This has led me to form and grow IOU. While the acronym stands for the “Internet of Us,” I like the shortened IOU because it captures the true meaning of my feelings.

Working in technology, the term “Internet of Things” is thrown about with cold disregard, but the things most impacted by things are US, people. As your father and husband, I want you to have all that I and the world can give. The easiest and quickest access to the things the world has to offer is through the internet. From me, it has taken and will continue to take lots of work.

However, the internet is a vast and challenging place. I have followed its growth from the earliest commercial days (AOL/CompuServe, etc. – don’t worry, you can look them up in history books (if books are still around), and it has grown into the big, magical, fun, scary, violent frontier that few who helped put us in there (more on this in a future post) seem too concerned with making safe for you.

While I believe there are many great things by utilizing the Internet of Things, the Internet of Us is what it ultimately comes down to here. So, as we grow as a family, I will be reaching out to others to partner with to develop an online world based on these IOUs:

IOU – Privacy

IOU – Safety

IOU – Security

IOU – More

IOU – Technology

IOU – Life

IOU – Paris

IOU will develop both high and low-tech solutions to make your world as advanced and as fun as the promise the internet was born with but with the security and privacy that my role as your father and husband demands.

Yes, this will mean sometimes saying “NO” and “…not at your age” as well as “…because I said so…” because I OWE YOU that much.