Introducing IOUMore

At the heart of IOU’s mission to make the online world better, safer, and more legacy-focused for families, is the spark that ignited IOUMore, our for-profit counterpart. IOUMore is not just another commercial enterprise but an embodiment of our shared vision to sustainably support the IOU mission.

Mission Beyond Profit

IOUMore‘s objective extends beyond just profit-making. By offering state-of-the-art commercial digital services, we take the innovations birthed at IOU and present them to a wider audience. This model ensures that while customers get the best in digital services, a portion of every dollar spent on IOUMore is funneled back to IOU. This helps us extend our reach to those most in need, especially families and individuals impacted by neurodegenerative diseases.

A Symbiotic Relationship

We believe that IOUMore’s success is IOU’s success. By licensing the technologies and systems developed at IOU, IOUMore serves as the bridge between groundbreaking research and real-world application. It represents a novel business model where revenue generation for a cause is prioritized over relying on direct donations. So, every time you support IOUMore, you’re also contributing to IOU’s vision of a safer, lasting digital space for all.

Looking Ahead

As IOUMore continues to grow, expect more innovative solutions tailored to meet today’s digital challenges. From cloud storage services that respect user privacy to digital legacy solutions like time-locked information and AI-driven biographical interviews, IOUMore promises a future where technology serves humanity’s best interests.





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Shaping Digital Echoes: IOUMore Ensures Your Legacy Lives On

IOUMore Cloud

IOUMore Cloud: Secure, Thoughtful, Human

Step into the future of cloud storage with IOUMore Cloud. We’re not just any storage solution; we’re your Secure Cloud Storage and Digital Legacy System (SCSDLS). Here’s what sets us apart:

Top-notch Security:

Using cutting-edge encryption and the latest access controls, your data is not just stored; it’s guarded like a treasure.

AI-Assisted Features:

 From easier file sorting to understanding your storage habits, our AI is like having a personal assistant for your data.

Time-Locked Assets:

Want to pass on cherished memories or important files for the future? Secure your digital legacy with our innovative time-locked assets.

Neuro-Inclusive Design:

We have a heart for those with neurodegenerative diseases. Special features and functionalities are designed to make IOUMore Cloud incredibly accessible to everyone, regardless of their health challenges.

A Commitment Beyond Data:

Every IOUMore Cloud subscription supports our mission. We’re on a quest to offer our state-of-the-art service free to as many individuals affected by neurodegenerative conditions as we can. When you choose IOUMore Cloud, you’re choosing to make a difference.

Dive into a cloud storage experience that truly cares – not just about your data, but about making the world a better place, one byte at a time.

IOUMore Media

ThinkFit: HABITS & Activities – Nurturing Minds, One Page at a Time

Venture into the enriching world of the ThinkFit Series, where cognitive health shines brightly, and every habit formed, puzzle solved, or exercise engaged is a step towards a fortified mind.

HABITS as Foundation:

The ThinkFit HABITS book anchors our series, focusing on the power of daily routines in shaping our cognitive resilience. Learn the profound impact of everyday choices and their role in building a lasting mental legacy.

Cognitive Companionship:

Catering to a spectrum of readers, from the young adult wanting to strengthen their mental agility to the senior wishing to keep their cognitive spark alive, ThinkFit provides a diverse array of habits and activities tailored for different cognitive journeys.

Progressive Pathways:

Our series is designed to grow with you. Begin with our foundational guide on HABITS, advance to complex cognitive exercises, and finally, explore holistic strategies for lifelong cognitive health.

Beyond Just Activities:

Our mission transcends mere puzzles or habits. Dive into the underlying science, gain insights into the intricacies of an aging brain, holistic approaches to cognitive longevity, and the essential balance of emotional well-being. We’re not just offering activities or routines; we’re presenting a comprehensive cognitive roadmap.

A Cause With Every Purchase:

When you delve into the pages of ThinkFit, you’re not just investing in your cognitive health. A significant portion of the proceeds goes back to IOU, supporting our mission to assist those with neurodegenerative diseases.

Dive deep into a world where every challenge faced is a victory for cognitive health, where every page turned is a commitment to nurturing minds and where every book purchased is a step closer to making a difference.

IOUMore Media: Where Art Meets Heart

Dive into the captivating world of IOUMore Media – your creative oasis embracing Art, NFTs, and Print-on-Demand (POD) services. Here’s what colors our canvas:

Parisian Pulse IOUParis:

We kick off our journey in the heart of Paris, France. Inspired by its rich tapestry of art and culture, we’re poised to celebrate and spotlight its diverse artistry.

Beyond Borders:

While Paris is our first love, we’re not stopping there. Our vision stretches beyond, with plans to explore and encapsulate art forms from corners far and wide.

Unique Digital Footprints:

Our NFTs aren’t just digital tokens; they’re stories, emotions, and expressions. Discover and own these digital masterpieces on platforms like OpenSea.

Art That Gives Back:

Every piece of art you buy isn’t just a purchase; it’s a pledge. A portion of our earnings fuels IOU, Inc., our parent non-profit, amplifying our commitment to social good.

Step into a world where every brushstroke, every pixel, every print not only speaks to the soul but also stitches together a tapestry of change and hope.