IOUMore is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) that operates as a fully-owned subsidiary of IOU, Inc., a non-profit organization. The company is structured around two distinct divisions: IOUMore Cloud, which focuses on online storage solutions, and IOUMore Media, which is dedicated to various forms of media, particularly in the realm of art, NFTs, and Print-on-Demand (POD) services.

First Divisions

IOUMore Cloud

This division of IOUMore provides a Secure Cloud Storage and Digital Legacy System (SCSDLS). This advanced storage solution incorporates cutting-edge encryption, access control, and AI-assisted features to ensure the utmost security, privacy, and accessibility for users. It also introduces innovative features such as time-locked assets for securing a user’s digital legacy. Special attention is given to individuals suffering from neurodegenerative diseases, offering tailored features to make the service more accessible to them. Moreover, a significant part of IOUMore’s social commitment involves leveraging its revenue to provide the IOUMore Cloud service free of charge to as many people affected by these conditions as possible.

IOUMore Media

The Media division is a creative platform concentrating on Art, NFTs, and POD services. Initially, it will have a particular focus on the vibrant and diverse artistic scene of Paris, France, aiming to expand to other regions and art forms over time. IOUMore Media will create and sell unique art pieces and NFTs through various online marketplaces, like Etsy. A portion of the revenue from this division will also be channeled back to IOU, Inc., the parent non-profit, to fund the social good efforts.