At the heart of IOU lies a strategic vision, centered on creating transformative impact through our dedicated funds. We’re not just laying out programs; we’re sculpting pathways that merge innovation with purpose. Leveraging the power of IOUMore‘s offerings, from cloud services to the ThinkFit series, our strategy hinges on introducing unique concepts, sparking groundbreaking ideas, delivering amazing outcomes, and championing bold solutions. Join us as we reimagine support, drive change, and build a lasting legacy.


Unique Concepts

At the core of IOU‘s approach lie our dedicated funds, designed with unparalleled concepts that resonate deeply with our mission. These funds are tailor-made, targeting specific needs like assisting military personnel, first responders, and individuals with neurodegenerative diseases. Through IOUMore, we’re not just thinking outside the box; we’re redefining it.


Spark New Ideas

The IOU funds don’t just provide aid; they kindle innovative solutions. With each fund, we’re constantly exploring new ways to better serve our target groups. Be it via the immersive world of IOUMore‘s cloud services or the cognitive enhancement from the ThinkFit series, we’re always on the lookout for fresh, impactful ideas.


Expect Amazing

Every initiative we embark upon, be it the digital legacy preservation or cognitive health enrichment, aims to exceed expectations. By focusing our efforts through the lens of our specialized funds, we aim to bring forth transformations that aren’t just effective, but truly remarkable.


Bold Solutions

In the ever-evolving landscape of today’s challenges, timidity won’t cut it. That’s why IOU and IOUMore are committed to pioneering bold, forward-thinking solutions. Our funds are more than just financial reservoirs; they are catalysts, driving change and crafting solutions that dare to challenge the status quo.

Coming to Life: Our Dedicated Funds Tracking Page

As IOU continues its unwavering mission to bring meaningful change and support to the lives of many, we believe in the power of transparency. Our dedicated funds, focused on providing assistance to specific groups like the military, first responders, and those battling neurodegenerative diseases, are at the heart of what we do.

While we’re excitedly launching our initiatives, this section is where you’ll soon be able to track the growth, impact, and outreach of each fund. From financial contributions received to the lives touched, we’re committed to showing you the tangible difference your support makes.

Stay tuned! As our journey unfolds, this space will be a testament to collective effort, unwavering hope, and the shared vision of a better tomorrow. Whether you’re here to contribute, benefit, or simply witness the impact, we’re grateful to have you on this journey.

Together, we’ll not just witness, but shape, the story of change.



  • Digital Inheritance: Ensuring that the legacy of our brave military personnel and first responders is preserved and passed on.
  • Cloud Offering: Providing a secure space to store, cherish, and share memories and critical documents.
  • Tailored Support: Offering features specifically designed to address the unique needs and challenges faced by our heroes.

  • Digital Inheritance: Helping patients and families ensure their digital legacies are intact, accessible, and cherished.
  • Cloud Offering: A dedicated space to store medical documents, personal memories, and everything in between.
  • ThinkFit Series Support: Empowering cognitive health through habits, puzzles, games, and more, tailored for those with neurodegenerative conditions.

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